Manage your contacts and deals online.

  • track persons or companies and their contact data
  • manage tasks and their expected completion dates
  • follow-up on pending deals and close them successfully
Use Sedna

Simply manage your business contacts
and deals with Sedna.

Sedna - Manage contacts online

Manage contacts

Organize your contacts, create day-to-day tasks and see deals in a simple and easy way.

Sedna - Tags

Tag everything

Use individual tags and the tag cloud to organize your contacts, tasks or deals. Find what you are looking for a lot faster.

Sedna - Manage tasks


See overdue and upcoming tasks. Assign tasks to other users and keep track of your daily schedule.

Sedna - Manage deals


View your sales opportunities and keep notes of every stage of a deal.

Sedna - Add notes (comments)


Add or review your colleague's notes related to a contact or a deal in progress. Add follow-ups to discussions.

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