JS App Editor

A browser-based IDE for server-side JavaScript apps.

  • discover the same environment no matter where you code from.
  • reuse JavaScript code on both the server and inside the browser.
  • enjoy web-based consoles for SQL, SVN/GIT and JS.
  • the Erbix web apps have been developed exclusively in it.
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Use server-side JavaScript to simplify your code
and increase your developer productivity.

JavaScript Editor

Structure Your Code

Enjoy the support for directories, RingoJS or CommonJS modules and SVN/GIT client operations.

Sedna - Tags

Syntax highlighting

Advanced web-based code editor with JavaScript and HTML syntax highlighting support.

Sedna - Manage tasks

Publish Your Apps

Make your apps available to thousands of users by publishing them in the Erbix AppStore.

Sedna - Manage deals

SQL Console

Run your own statements from a web-based console to query your account's PostgreSQL database or alter its content.

We've built the JavaScript Application Platform
that's great for everyone


You get to use web applications that you already need on a daily basis. Now you can find them in one place, on the web. Invite your friends and colleagues to join to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.


Use JavaScript on the server and client side. There's no vendor lock-in, apps are easy to port to and from RingoJS or other CommonJS compliant platforms. Each user account gets a dedicated PostgreSQL database shared among the installed applications. You can develop applications that handle raw data generated by any other application.

And hey, we use it too! is an Erbix App. Pluto, Sedna, Eris and all the other Erbix applications were entirely developed using the Online IDE. The development is fast, smooth and reliable.